Expression Blend 4 Step by Step

By Elena Kosinska and Chris Leeds

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Screen Videos

Screen videos for each chapter are indexed here as well as presented on each chapter's page in this site.

Sample Projects

Most of the chapters in this book include exercises that let you interactively try out new material learned in the main text. All sample projects are available for download from the book’s page on the web site for Microsoft Press's Store

You can also download the Sample Projects directly from this web site here:

Installing the Sample Projects

Unzip the file that you downloaded from the book’s web site to a location on your hard drive. In order for your screen to match the images in this book we recommend that you unzip the folder to your desktop.

What’s In the Sample Projects?

This book’s sample projects contain Silverlight projects, videos, images, Expression Design, and other graphic assets required to complete the chapter exercises that you will encounter in the book.

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